Time, Taos Time, and Indian Time

In most places there is time, the bane of our existence, a way we mark our age and events during the year. Here, in Taos, we have 3 kinds of time – and folks here are used to that.

First, there is time. That one is easy because even though many of us don’t wear watches any more, we always have access to cell phones or digital clocks in our vehicles. It takes effort not to be aware of that time. It is just all around us and controls much of what we do and when we do it.

Then there is Taos time. That is a little less certain. Here, stores will proclaim that they are open from 10ish to 5ish, for example. And they mean it. A few minutes here or there means nothing in this slower paced life. Just like on a real nice day for skiing or fishing or whatever else stirs one’s passions, contractors due to remedy some problem at your home may not show up because whatever it is that draws them drew them. Money is not a God here.

Lastly, there is Indian time. This has little to do with real time, as that is not a part of this equation. Rather, this means when someone is ready – for whatever it is. So, for example, one of the truly great and fun events here is the pole climb on San Geronimo Day. There is never a time that one can be certain that the fun begins. It starts when the Kosharis and other Indians are ready, when they get rolling. Don’t even think about asking in advance when that might be because no one can tell you. It is just more organic than that and starts when it starts.

Time is a part of the charm of this place. And if the way we treat it doesn’t work for you, this might not be your paradise. But, if you are a control freak, which I was as a trial lawyer, this pace of life makes me crazy sometimes but all the time it is good for me. Maybe you, too. You won’t know until you try.


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