The Taos Wave – One Doesn’t See It So Much Anymore

My wife and I have lived in Taos now for almost 20 years. It is a long enough period that we can see changes in lifestyle and habits even though they are slow to develop. An example of something lost in my time here is The Taos Wave. Simply, folks who would pass each other in their vehicles on the road would spring a pointer finger on one hand free from the wheel and snap it up and back, greeting some others passing the other way. And whoever that was hopefully did the same.

As Miguel Chavez, my primo taught me “you have to talk to people. That was the purpose. Even an acknowledgement, albeit brief, of someone known was a good thing in a small town – a way of keeping in touch and being neighborly. Folks did it all the time when I first got here. I guess most are too busy using their fingers to text these days that the wave may be a dead. Like fax machines or watches or cameras.

Where I come from a digit was often thrust, but it was a different one, and in a different way. Back east, such an act was one of aggression, not friendliness, and it sure wasn’t looked on as neighborly.

I don’t see folks giving that wave as much as they did 20 years ago. I guess there are too many new folks who weren’t here when it was popular. I wish it did come back and maybe it will. Small town friendliness is something I’ve come to treasure – just like a stop at the main post office. You won’t get out of there quickly – not if you run into some one you know!

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