Taos Is Clearly A Life Choice

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaos isn’t like any other place I have ever been. For those not born here, mostly Anglos as the Hispanics and Indians have been here for centuries, this is a life choice and likely not for every one. But for those that get it, this is a paradise.

One sacrifices some freedoms to be here, but one adds so many others. The largest sacrifice is choice. Folks here don’t have all the stores or options for purchasing things that we were used to back east. One does have to do with less. But on the other hand, the priority here isn’t making money but enjoying life. That has allowed me to spend more time with my wife, sons, their wives and their sweet children then if I had stayed back in New Jersey practicing law. And I am so grateful for that.

Taos isn’t for everyone. I tell folks they need to be open and accepting to make it here. I love diversity, which we have in great abundance. How would I learn anything if everyone around me talked the way I do and dressed the way I do. It would not be the same experience. Also, in a small town, one gets the sense that we are passing thru life together and not just passing on the street. And I like that. A lot.

Don’t try and get in and out of the post office here quickly. Nor the grocery store. Someone is going to want to talk to you and they won’t take it kindly if you rush out on them. As a guy who still rushes, I found that out all too well.

For me this is a paradise. No question about it. It is the people that make it special, as much as the climate, the mountains the sunshine and the double rainbows. Although those are some pretty good reasons to live here.

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