We Need A Better Ending To This Story

As anyone who reads my words regularly knows I am an optimist by nature, although I hope I am grounded in reality. So I write this piece knowing that the present state of affairs around our 2 Star FIFA Soccer field in the Eco Park on Salazar Road isn’t a good one. At least not the way I see it. And I see little here I am not smitten with.

Several years back a group of soccer enthusiasts formed an organization that they used to try and politic the politicians for a place for their sport to be played. Somehow, a piece of ground on Salazar that was owned by either the Town or the County was made available and an agreement reached on the general use for it. As they tried to figure out exactly how to develop the land a soccer enthusiast came riding into town from south Florida with a vision. (Disclosure: that guy is my first cousin once removed.) As he gained access to the powers that be, he made an argument for more than a recreational field. In his vision, there would be 3 soccer fields so tournaments could be held and at least one of those would be world class to create real interest.

The thought behind all this was to create one or more new income streams for our community. If teams play or practice here, there will be players, coaches, bus drivers, parents and fans that will need places to sleep and eat. And they may well want to buy souvenirs or trinkets from their time here. Heck, maybe even art!

So the ground was broken and one of only four 2 Star FIFA fields in the country was built. And ours was at the highest elevation giving us a hook for those seeking to train at high altitudes. When the premier field opened people came. Especially the politicians, seeking to court favor with the voters in the stands. We, in attendance, heard promises that the rest of the project would be a priority – and folks clapped.

But then the people went home and life went on. Soon, the priorities of the politicians changed and no more money was available go complete the plan. And then, over time, the creator lost interest and left us. One cannot hold tournaments with one field. No way. So we end up with the most expensive recreational field in the country, I expect. And if this is the end of the story, this town wasted money it can ill afford to waste.

We need a better ending to all this because the original plan was a good one. That plan had vision and was likely to help create new income streams and some new life for our town. We can’t rely just on art and tourism, but sports tourism or some smaller niche we can create for ourselves is smart. And good. We need some folks with vision and guts and lets get this sucker back on track. I think it was the best idea I have seen for changing things up around here and I don’t want to see this die. Come on folks, let’s get behind an Eco Park that makes sense and can truly be an asset this town will be proud of.


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