About Me

Harvey Blaustein, Taos Realtor. Not just another pretty face…

You probably wouldn’t expect to get a lawyer when you hire a Taos New Mexico real estate agent. And, I guess, you’re not really getting one. Just a guy who used to be one… if you hire me. A good one.

I practiced in New Jersey for almost 24 years. I started out on my own and by the time I was done, I was senior partner of one of the best firms in the state. I was also admitted to practice in the state of Florida and before the Supreme Court of the United States.

If you think about it, a lawyer’s mind is so well suited for real estate. Mine is analytical, and I’ve negotiated and closed hundreds of real estate and commercial deals. I helped clients buy and sell homes, restaurants, apartment buildings and businesses. I built my practice by referral and the same thing is happening to me again. For the same reasons.

I am a high-energy guy who is persistent and dedicated to whoever hires me. I am honest, a good communicator with good people skills. I do my homework, am always prepared and can make your search for the perfect property easier and more efficient.

If you’d like to read about me as a lawyer, just click here. The New Jersey Lawyer thought it was newsworthy when I left. Not many walk away at the top. But I did.

My Taos Story

I first came to Taos New Mexico in May of 1988 for just a few hours. While I had traveled throughout the world, there was something that bit me as soon as I drove into town… something that I had never felt any place else. Then, it was the mountain and the incredible sunsets. But, it soon became a lot more.

Taos taught me there was another way to live. Back east, and in other regions of the country, the priority is making money, then fitting the rest of your life in around it. Here, the priority is enjoying your life, and making money is secondary. Trust me, it’s very different.

After Taos got into my blood, I decided I’d make the move and try living differently… with inner peace and at a slower pace. I couldn’t afford to retire, but decided that I would no longer make decisions based on money. For several years I explored the right side of my brain – writing, painting, taking and printing photographs, and making ceramic pots. While that was wonderful, and it has changed me forever, I couldn’t find enough outlets for my energy. I felt that I was wasting the vast knowledge I had gained as a practicing lawyer, that my personal experiences could help others who might like to do the same. So, now I sell Taos NM real estate and land. But, I do it differently than the others, as you’ll find out.