The Greatest July 4th One Hundred Yard Parade

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of my favorite days and events of the year here is the parade in Arroyo Seco, known locally as Seco, on the 4th of July. It has to be one of the shortest parades anywhere because it is less than 100 yards long. No kidding. The participants line up north of the village, parade thru the street lined with people, and then they turn around on the south side and come back thru again. What a hoot it is.

Over the years, it has drawn more and more folks and those people have drawn more and more merchants and folks selling items perfect for a hot summer day. Plenty of ice cream from Taos Cow, snow cones, cool drinks and snacks are available everyplace. The merchants hope that folks stay around once it is over and spend some money in their stores. It is the only time all year that Seco has standing room only.

Once it gets started, expect to be peppered with candy tossed by kids riding the floats, and hosed down by water from the fire trucks. There will be horses, dogs, and animals of all sorts, plus antique cars and children dressed in costume. Friends get to meet and greet friends and it is small town at its best.

Parking can be a problem so make sure you get there early. Don’t go into the village but stay outside on one end or the other. That way one can get out once the festivities stop. Wear sunscreen and a good hat. And light clothing is always appropriate.

If good things come in small packages, this is a perfect example. Come on out and you’ll come back each year whether you live here or not. Then again, it might just be what gets you here. The 4th of July in Taos is special.


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