Great Hiking Abounds In & Around Taos

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn this part of the world, some of the best things in life are free – thanks to Mother Nature who clearly adores this place. If you like to be outdoors, hiking is a particularly nice way to spend time and we have trails of all kinds and all degrees of difficulty.

The king or queen of hikes is the Wheeler Peak hike. This will take you to the highest peak in NM, some 13,611 feet. Mas or menos. Best done during the months of July and August, one has several choices of ascents but regardless start early in the day to avoid thunderstorms and take plenty of water with you. Even more then you think. The air gets thin as you get to the top and it is an exposed hike because one is above the tree line. I also warn that there is little room at the summit so don’t plan on hanging out before coming back down unless you end up alone up there. And during these suggested months, expect others.

One need not take on Wheeler to have a blast. There are numerous other marked trails on the ski valley road and elsewhere. Try the West Rim hike on the other side of the Gorge Bridge. Or the Devisidero Trail just east of town, in the foothills. This one is most popular and will attract mountain bikers and horse riders, as well.

There are plenty of paperback books out there that will tell you about options. One great one is in the Santa Barbara campgrounds, especially in fall when the aspens turn colors. The options are as different as the trails and the terrain. Most will describe the degree of difficulty, which could be important for the less experienced.

I will make one suggestion that could be very important. Never go out in the wilderness without letting someone know where you will be. Even if it is a phone message, just in case. I had one experience early on in my time here that confirmed that Mother Nature can be cruel as well as beautiful. Don’t take chances with your safety. Please. The Rockies can be challenging and the weather can turn on a dime.


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