Fall Is My Favorite Season in Taos – And Here It Comes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a kid summer was my favorite season. How could it not be when there was no school, no wake-up times and no homework. But, as an adult, I came to cherish fall, with its great color, cooler temps and drier air.

Back east, fall meant a lot of color, as the deciduous trees bring reds and oranges and yellows. Here, with fewer of the leafy trees, we don’t get the vibrant reds but a grove of aspens with the leaves shimmering in the cool daytime breezes is about as beautiful a sight as there is. I particularly adore when those groves start turning colors and they can be seen from the valley below as those patches of color jump out against the dark green background of pinon and junipers and ponderosa pine.

Fall also brings a lot of outdoor events from the Mountain Man Festival to the Feast of San Geronimo at the Pueblo with its incredible pole climbing, to the Balloon Fiesta, always the last weekend of October and always a hoot.

Fall has been nicknamed The Yellow Season by our own Mattress Mary. It isn’t just the sunflowers still in bloom, nor just the chamisa. It is the fields of vibrant color filled with weeds the name of which I do not know. But they are in full bloom as I write on September 4th and will be around for a while. Add the aspens and the whole world here looks yellow for a while. Such a bright, cheerful color is great to have around. For as long as it lasts.

If you have the freedom of choice, choose to come visit in fall. The weather here in September and October is heavenly with warm days and cool nights. It is the best time of year here – at least that’s one man’s opinion.



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