This year celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Fall Arts Festival. Historically, it was a time when serious art buyers would come to town, as kids were back in school and the ice cream cone and T-shirt crowd was gone. (Not that there is anything wrong with those items or the folks that buy them.)

During my 20 years here, Fall Arts had been held in Taos Civic Center and Bataan Hall but the University of New Mexico and not the Town of Taos now own them – so they are unavailable. In prior years the Invitational portion was held in the Civic Center and the Open in Bataan Hall and folks could move easily from one to the other.

I ought to mention that the invitational portion became fraught with cronyism and politics. Those that had been invited got re-invited and new and emerging artists were left for the Open where anyone could enter their work. Over time it all became stale and there were conflicts and political battles as those making decisions on who was in and who was out dominated the discussions rather than how to make things better.

About 15 years ago, the powers that be hired my wife to hang the show. And I was along for the ride. Back then, we were told that we could hang artists and work where we thought it belonged only to have some in the organization move things around when we were not around. That didn’t work for us but we did what we were hired to do – well, my honey was hired to do. I was labor, putting things where I was told.

It now appears that there will be an effort to make things fresh and different, in part out of necessity. The shows will be broken up into several venues, all walkable and intended to create a different experience. How this all plays out remains to be seen but I do hope you take it in. The festival runs from September 26th to October 5th and there is plenty of information out there on the web.

I do hope the new festival is a success. Our art community can use the exposure and the sales that traditionally could be counted on this time of year. If we are going to continue as an art market, this has to be a part of it.

And if you do go, check out the Open. In the last several years I have found the better art there, more risk and less typical southwest fare. We can use fresh and different and I hope this festival fills that bill.

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