We Are About To Enter The Yellow Season

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMary Domito, a/k/a Mattress Mary, a really good person and a great businesswoman, calls fall here The Yellow Season. She gets the credit, although I expect it will be obvious to all in the next few weeks.

Because Taos does not have much in the way of deciduous trees – we do have a gazillion aspens – we don’t get the broad range of color that other places get. Like New Jersey and New York, where I lived before moving here. But we make up what we miss with what we have, which is nothing short of spectacular.

We still have the wild sunflowers gracing our roads and fields. We soon start getting other wild yellow flowers off some kind of weed that is all over the place. In about 30 days our empty spaces will all be yellow and a bright shade at that. Add to that the chamisa, which turns amarillo as the weather turns cool and we have yellow everywhere. And the aspens turn and their leaves shimmer and it is just a wonder to behold.

Starting in late September one can see the changes in the forests from town. Look towards the east and you will find patches of green turning to yellow. Slowly. A little bit each day. Set against the dark green of the pinon and junipers, the contrast is stark, the visual amazing.

If you get the time, I urge you to take two short trips during the yellow season. The first would be to the Santa Barbara Campgrounds, near Penasco. There one can find trails lined with aspens so one is in the color. Do keep up the leaves under foot and return to the days of your youth, if your youthful days were spent in the northeast, like mine. The other one is all car and that is to take the drive to Chama. If you catch it right, you are in for a special treat. Trust me on this. Take along a picnic lunch and enjoy the amazing Brazos Cliffs. Eye candy.

While we have great weather all year. September and October are a gift from the Gods. And I, for one, am grateful.

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