CID’S – Our “Whole Foods” Market…

Our town is too small, and our market similarly described, for one of the really good national food chains to consider opening a store. I know I reached out for Trader Joe’s once to try and interest them in a location I had. They claim to open stores in areas where there are at least 100,000 people living within 10 minutes of their location. And it will be a long time before we qualify for that. (We know there are exceptions as Santa Fe is one.) But I digress.

Cid Backer came here is a young man and a hippie in the late 60s. There are pics around of him with facial hair and a long ponytail from his days in the communes. Today he looks like a regular person, a straight regular person, but a successful businessman, at that. Cid opened an organic food store about 30 years ago. About 15 years ago, he built his own building and has been growing ever since.

I have a great deal of respect for Cid because he treats his employees well. He hires in all the 3 communities and he keeps the folks he hires. That says a lot. So I support Cid.

Folks here care about what they put in their bodies. That’s one reason the Farmers Market is so successful here. Cid’s isn’t known for its low prices but what one buys there tends to be better tasting and looks real. No corporate farm produce around these bins.

I remember when Cid was planning the new store. Back then his market was in the space occupied by The Guadalajara Grill on the north side. They had a lot of questionnaires asking what folks wanted to see in the new store. I remember I wrote I wanted more prepared foods. And boy has that ever happened. Within the last few years, with the aid and support of Cid’s son, Lee, they have created a kitchen that puts out fresh hot and cold foods daily. Soups, pastries, salads, pizzas. A lot of stuff. And it is really really good.

I don’t suggest you move here because of Cid’s. But I do suggest it will be easier to live here with access to good, organic food all year long.

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