Changes I Have Seen In Taos In My Twenty Years Here

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince 20 years represents a real chapter in one’s life and is long enough to spot trends or changes in one’s environment, I thought it might be fun for my readers to find out what has changed in my time here. I won’t endeavor to name them all, just some interesting ones. At least interesting to me.

When I first got here folks were concerned that Taos was going to be Apsenized. People felt that we were going to become that glitzy town in Colorado that we currently draw no comparison to in any normal mind. I don’t see or read that so much anymore. It just won’t happen – at least not in my lifetime. The true locals, who still have political control, just won’t let it happen. If it did, most of those folks would have to leave. The housing costs would drive them out.

The Taos wave isn’t practiced the way it used to be. You will find on my blog a post just on this old way of life that seems to be seen only in the rear view mirror. But there was a time, when I lived here, that folks would wave a finger at each other, talking to them. Making contact. I don’t see it much anymore and miss that little gesture that was so small town.

The Horse Fly newspaper has disappeared. Once the playground of a local guy named Bill Whaley it came out every two weeks and was always trashing someone and pissing others off. Bill liked to do that but I think that was ultimately his undoing. Folks get tired or reading attacks on good folks and everyone was fair game for Bill.

A mountain with no boarders. Yup, that used to be Taos Mountain but no more. Several years back despite predictions of major problems and issues, snow boarders were allowed on the mountain and there has been nary an issue between the two competing factions for snow space. Talk about much to do about nothing – this was the best example of that. Or where the anticipation is so much worse than the reality. That’s a big one for me.

Telephone exchanges. When I got here there were only two. 751 and 758. So folks would give only 5 digits of their number, as that is all anyone needed. So one might say his number was 8-1630. Or 1-1777. But no longer. We have so many exchanges I can’t name them all. Heck, not too long ago we had only one for modular phones. 770. But now we have a many. I think they call that progress.

Taos does change but only slowly and never in a straight line. Just like progress. But that is part of the charm I also remind you that those that come here to change Taos do not make it and those that come to have Taos change them, do.

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