I Can Hardly Remember Status Symbols Being a Part of Life

It’s been almost 20 years since we first moved to Taos permanently. And while the change of culture and lifestyle was dramatic from the beginning it does take time and distance to see how far we have come.

Back in the days I practiced law and we lived in New Jersey, commercialism was a part of life. Status symbols were everywhere and keeping up with the Jones was just what one did. Heck, now only did we own spiffy cars like Porsches, Mercedes Benzes, and BMWs but we would get rid of each and every one after a few years. Because that was what one did. Even though the car was perfectly fine and was far from being ready for replacement.

Folks back there and then were always on the lookout for the next new thing, rather than enjoying the things they then had. It was important to be the first one on your block to own the newest, biggest television or find a Caribbean island no one else had been to even if it wasn’t that interesting.

Styles moved buying in clothes. One would see most women of the same socio-economic status dressed similarly, sometimes in things that really were ugly or did nothing to flatter the wearer. Those considerations took second place to showing one could buy new clothes. Somehow old and comfortable didn’t matter. Only spiffy did.

Kids get caught up with it, maybe more than adults, because they are more susceptible to the adman’s pitch. They want the new hot toy or the cool new pants and I feel for the parent unable to purchase what their kids want. That has to be so hard, especially for those that just can’t afford to. Kids want what they want and lack of funds just doesn’t register or matter.

Here, folks drive cars longer. Folks sometimes put on in the morning what they took off the night before. Here, styles defer to comfort and practical trumps spectacular. And, here, you can hardly tell the rich from the less fortunate as those symbols just aren’t important. Living life fully and richly is and that usually isn’t about money.

I will never regret our life change and moving here. While we don’t have access to as much stuff, we have more of the brilliance of Mother Nature and the great outdoors. I think we have the better of the deal – but of course I love this place. Unabashedly.

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