The Balloon Fiesta Weekend Is A Visual Treat…

New Mexico is well known for the great flying conditions for hot air balloons. The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, which is the first full week in October, is the world’s largest with over 500 balloons and with people coming from all over the world to see it.

Now let’s segue to our little paradise called Taos. We have one the last weekend of October each year. And it is one of my favorite events in a year full of them. Here, we get some 50 to 70 balloons but the nature of the town is such that there is an intimacy with those flying that one cannot get in a big city.

If you’ve not partaken in this festival, I urge you to get up early and get out to the field before dawn – say 6 AM or 6:30. Dress warm because it can be chilly. Someone will be selling coffee or hot chocolate, capturing the business that this event creates.

The filling of the balloons, especially while it is still dark, is quite a site. The flames produced by the burning gas breaks the darkness and creates great visuals. By the time light dawns, many of the balloons are ready to launch.

The whole festival is very weather sensitive. We need some wind but not too much. And clear weather is always a plus. So those that come to fly may not get their wish, but they do more often then they don’t.

Before we had grandchildren, we would go home after seeing the first balloons launch, light a fire, put up a big breakfast and sit back and enjoy the show. Now that we are blessed with the little ones, we don’t get out to the field so often as it is hard to rouse the little ones and get them out in the cold. Instead, we get in our car, and chase the balloons, especially Spiderman who makes an appearance each year. That can be challenging when there are others out there doing the same. But it is a hoot.

One year, a balloon came so close to us in our then home that we were able to conduct a conversation with those in the basket. And that was pretty cool. I did offer them coffee but we couldn’t figure out how to get it into their hands!

Balloon Fiesta. A real treat for all ages.

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