Adding Flavor To The Soup We Call Taos

Yucca Plaza 010This town is special for many reasons. But beyond the mountains and the sunshine and the climate and the double rainbows are people. People are what make Taos special. Allow me to introduce you to one such person.

Several years back, I was contacted by a woman named Kathy Thomas who lived in Albuquerque but had a job opportunity is our great town. Kathy wanted to know if I would help her buy a house. Funny, that is exactly why I show up each morning! Anyway, to move this little story along, she I did help her find and purchase a home here and she did settle in to her life and was happy.

Kathy told me one day that she always wanted to be known as Katie. I don’t know how it came up but it did. I responded if that’s what you want, we could do that. And as of that moment Kathy Thomas became Katie Thomas and she was so happy.

Until she got laid off. Not good. But Katie told me she wanted to stay in Taos; this is where she was happiest. So we brainstormed.

Out of that came her purchase of a little business that gave her a template of sorts, a path to follow. Katie found her niche. She changed the name of that start up to Moxie and with it hers came thru. She built a business that drew tourists and locals and quickly expanded and she took risks. Katie opened a 2nd store, a yarn shop right next door and now a 3rd, what is called a pop up, where she is helping local crafts folks get exposure. She deserves to be Entrepreneur of the Year here, -and maybe she will.

Most importantly, Katie adds to the flavor of our soup. She is one cool lady with a quick mind and wit and is just good peeps. Onward and upward to my good friend, Katie, who has earned the success she has.

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