About Taos

What Makes Taos, New Mexico Such a Special Place to Buy a Home or Land? Let me tell you about my Taos…

Taos is a spiritual community. It’s a great healing place as well as an art Mecca. Most are first impressed by the awesomeness of nature, then get to what really sets this place apart… its people. The tri-cultural community makes it special and everyone has a story.

Ask questions of the people you meet. You will find them more than willing to engage. Then, really listen to their answers. And how they say it. People here make time for people. Everyone has a story about what brought them here or what keeps them here and how they want to live their lives.

Taos isn’t Aspen and it isn’t Telluride. It isn’t Palm Springs and it isn’t Boulder or Santa Fe.

Taos is a unique place, one that isn’t for everybody. There are no malls and no specialty stores, except for a few that feature the outdoors.

What we do have are sunsets to die for. Have you ever seen red and purple fill the sky? We get double rainbows and we have sunshine about 320 days a year. Can you imagine waking up each morning knowing it’s bound to be light and bright? It takes a bit to get used to, but not much.

Most of the entertainment here is free. There is no charge for the air or the mountains, the rivers or the sky. You can hike forever, go white water rafting on the Rio Grande, or watch the Tewas perform ceremonies centuries old, and it won’t cost you a dime. Or do all of them. You can watch hot air balloons float overhead in October, see fireworks on Taos Mountain on New Years Eve or sit on a rock overlooking this magnificent valley with its rugged Taos land – and just do nothing.

If you love film, dance, jazz or theater, we have it. We’re blessed with the Taos Community Auditorium, a venue where famed jazz musicians frequent. Its stage becomes alive with performances that will keep you interested and at prices you won’t recognize. There is more going on here then in cities 20 times the size. You’ll be amazed at the talent that passes through this town that really belongs to the world.

Come on out and experience it first hand. You need to appreciate what we have. While the pictures can show you what it looks like, it’s a feeling that no photo can capture. And don’t be afraid to change your life. It’s worked great for me.

Spend some time perusing our land and home listings in Taos, as well as the commercial properties. Then give me a call or fire off an e-mail. The Taos real estate offerings are varied and the opportunities are only limited by your imagination, vision and dreams. Land and home offerings come on the market each day, on other real estate prices are reduced on those already listed, so it pays to come back to visit frequently. If you want a property we will find you a property and get you started on the first day of the rest of your life.