larry-brooksI know that without your personal involvement and dogged persistence in our transactions we probably would never have reached the closing table. This is but one of your many traits that sets you apart from the others in Taos. We have never regretted our decision to have you represent us. I am confident in recommending you without qualification. – Larry Brooks

nancy-diamond I am totally pleased with your guidance, detail, and follow up on all areas. You really excel at your chosen field, harvey. I know that because of my years working at various real estate companies here in town. – Nancy Diamond

jane-flemingDespite what the final hours presented, you have been stellar in your ability to deal with raw human emotions. No doubt your prior occupation prepared you some for this. You got some hard training somewhere. However, it was the process itself that was wearing on me, not you, and not my trust in you as a representative and facilitator for all of us. You have always come through – valiantly I might add – no matter what, and you have always been true to your word. That, my dear, is so refreshing. – Jane Fleming

anthony-geraciYou are an incredible business man with incredible energy and I take advantage of every conversation I have with you. The reason is that I always learn something new when we talk. – Anthony Geraci

john-murphyThanks for all of your hard work on this transaction. We can honestly say that we have never had such a pleasant, professional experience in all the real estate deals we have done in the past. – John Murphy

alex-slatherI treasure working with somemone like Harvey who doesn’t mind shooting himself in the foot and losing a commission by giving us honest and complete disclosure, and steering us away from problematic properties that other brokers may try and push at any cost just to score their commissions. You are still number one in our book and your opinions highly valued. All I can say is I wish I had ten Harveys on my side. – Alex Shather

In any case, you were terrific. If there was anyone who was truly sterling in all of this, it was you. Thank God for you. I doubt this would have happened without you. I can’t thank you enough. – Dinah Maxwell Smith

You challenge all the stories I have heard about realtors and lawyers! Thank you for your willingness to listen. It brought about finding the “right” person. I’m delighted. I will happily recommend you. – Bette Winslow

Thanks a million for all you did to make this deal come out so well. I am so proud to have you as our representative. No better can be found. – Allyn Ransom

Thank you again for everything! You were an amazing agent & accomplished things so fast and efficiently. I really felt I could relax and not worry as I knew I was in good hands. Thank you again. – Katleen Urquhart

I can’t thank you enough for everything. You are truly an outstanding person. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Again, my family thanks you for making it happen. – Albert Martinez

I think that the only people who buy from someone else are those that haven’t met you. – Paul Mitchell

Harvey, thank you so much for all of your very informed help. It’s great to work with someone who is so meticulous about the way they do business. – Kathy Falbo

It is still sinking in that the house is sold – I am very relieved and grateful however that it is. Thanks to you, Harvey, for your dedication and commitment. You really do make a difference. Happy I am!!! – Marsha Steinberger

I was extremely impressed with the manner in which you conduct yourself and your business, and also very pleased to have had your company for an afternoon. Last Saturday was my first incursion into Taos realty and I’m grateful for such a classy introduction. – Cassy Montgomery

Appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail in completing the land purchase. You are a class act and a pleasure to know. – Larry Scruggs

Thank you harvey for all your hard work in trying to sell our house this last year! Jon and I appreciated your commitment, integrity and COMMUNICATION! You are by far a good & reliable find in the Taos realtors market. Feel free to use as a reference if the need arises for you. – Wendy Fisher

We want to thank you for all the courtesies and professionalism extended to us during the last two months. It is not often that we come across professionals like you who demonstrate such high integrity and truly work in the best interests of his/her clients. – Dirk Murchison